Noor Ali and Shafiullah

Noor Ali and Shafiullah

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Noor Ali is 14 years old and is in the 7th grade. His dream is to buy a soccer ball and become a doctor in the future, he is a very polite boy. His father passed away. 

Shafiullah is 12 years old and works at a food cart on the streets. His older brother is a house cleaner along with his mother who is a house servant. His sister is good at sewing. 

Their house rent is 2000 which has two very small rooms.

We would like to hire the mother and sister at our clothing shop by creating afghan dresses to sell to an international market. We want to pay for all four children's school supplies for a year and buy soccer shoes for the boys. 

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Noor Ali and Shafiullah

Noor Ali and Shafiullah



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