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Are you a registered nonprofit charity?

Instant Aid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the U.S, and 100% of funds from impact purchases on the website goes to projects on the ground. You can track every cent you contribute and see your donations in action through photos and videos. 

How does 100% go to impact?

Every single cent from our monthly impact products are reallocated to support impact projects on the ground. We’re able to do this thanks to the generous support of a small grants and private donors we call The Village, who fund our operations.

Who carries out the work in the field?

Our growing collection of impact partners is an incredible group of carefully vetted, highly experienced organizations. Each partner must be able to provide detailed reporting and proof of work in the field. We track every meal, school supplies, doctor visit and so on.

Are there other ways to give?

Of course, you can volunteer with us, partner with is on a fundraiser or simply share one of our social media posts with your community and friends. Please spread the word.