Salam Cafe

by Jasmin Mouflatd on Aug 12, 2022

Salam Cafe

Salam Cafe has served nearly 5000 meals, along with providing 1000 books, clothing, and daily education classes to street-working kids in Kabul, Afghanistan. We are still the only organization delivering freshly prepared, daily meals(breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to street-working kids in Kabul.

There are 72,000 street-working kids in Kabul. The majority of them make $1.30-$2.00 per day shoe shining or picking up trash. A lot of them beg on the streets to pay for their school or simply for bread. 

Surveys show that 95 percent of households in Afghanistan are not consuming enough food, with parents eating less and skipping meals to feed children. This is intensifying the issue with street-working kids. 

The street working children are forced onto the streets and don't have a safe haven, somewhere to feel loved and seen. Can you imagine what that does to a child's mental health? We have created a safe space to draw or read books and nourish their bodies with nutrient-dense meals. 

Please skip your Monday coffee with us and send us your $3 to feed a street working child in Kabul. If we reach our target we can expand our service using a delivery van to provide more meals to more street-working children throughout Kabul.